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Hotels Venues Vendor Fee.

As most of you know Hotels Vendor Fee are going crazy high, between MUA, DJs, florist, Photography & Video, couples sometime end paying over 5K of Vendor Fee just to book those vendors that will help them to full fill the wedding of their dreams. Before signing your contract be aware of all the littles letters and make sure that their in house vendors have everything for you to make come true the wedding of your dreams.

As photographers we know that in some hotels you can waive this Vendor Fee by booking up to 3 nights to your vendors how ever we only suggest this to our clients only if by doing it will save you some money.

That is the reason why we create our Vendor Fee Program, When you chose The In Love Team, to be in charge of doing the photography & video coverage and decide to book us those nights to waive the Vendor Fee, you will receive some complementary services that guaranty that you will get more for your money, even if you decide just to pay the Vendor Fee to your hotel, you will always get somenthing from us as our way to say thank you for chossing us.

If you want to receive all the information about our vendor fee program just click the contact bottom and we will send it to your email.

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